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Sheila Wedegis Fine Art

Mims, FL


As you see I specialize in painting Labrador Retrievers. Shortly after moving to Florida 11 years ago, my husband Roger gave me a small black Lab puppy. Sophie became my Muse, healing me after the death of my parents 6 days apart. Since painting is my lively hood, my life, I decided to draw and paint her. Soon there were three Labs living with us. I know their moods, their subtle moves, nuances. I know their soul.

Drawing, painting as a child, art school then continuous studying and "doing". I paint everyday and have two blogs that you can see as well as my website.

Since I do have Labradors and they have such incredible spirits, I also donate to many Lab Rescues. has my artwork for Lab Rescues.

We recently sold and all and got a 2004 Country Coach Allure 40' where we travel and paint with our three dogs!! Please check with me first on any originals that may be for sale. They may be gone. I need to go over the list here. sigh. Thanks.

You can follow us on

I am happy and honored to say my Lab art is collected worldwide as well as commissioned.

If there's anything you'd like to see painted as an original and a print please let me know.

Warmly, Sheila


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